Always #Likeagirl

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Published/Aired: June 26, 2014

Posted: June 26, 2014

Always went for something different with this video, rather than portraying the usual product and solution angle, or talking about the pain points of their customers in regards to the need for a sanitary pad, they decided to follow a different lead.

A lead that led (no pun intended) to one of the most viral videos gathering over 60 million views and 280k shares on YouTube alone.

Now that’s some brand awareness, and this is what is possible when a brand chooses influence over selling, and to pass across a very important message to their demographic.

The Phrase Run like a girl, or in our african culture – walk like a girl, usually implies an insult on the person inability to do something properly, or in the case of a race, implies the inability to win.

Always has chosen to take a sting at this stigma with this beautifull presented ad.

The best advertisements don’t feel like adverts.

It just goes to show that a video ad can pass on a message of empowerment without appealing to social

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