Hey Everyone, 👋

I’m Akanbi Damola, the founder of Taldn Digital Consulting, so far, we’ve been honoured to serve clients in different industries including manufacturing, interior design, plumbing and sanitary wares, banking, microfinance, insurance, ICT and so many others.

With 8 years experience as a Digital marketing consultant, I’ve seen clients laugh, cry, play, I’ve seen countless emotions, businesses resurrect from the dead, I’ve seen clients move from being depressed about their business into being glad about the opportunity they have to serve, it’s been a rollercoaster.

And there’s one thing I know, especially when it comes down to marketing and sales problems, if you truly believe in your product/service and believe that what you are selling is valuable and you believe in yourself, then there’s always a way out, and that way is always simpler than you think. 

  • So if you’re struggling to get clients today
  • Struggling with Facebook ads/Google ads
  • Struggling with Payment issues with your Facebook
  • Struggling with not getting return on your advertising spend
  • Struggling to grow the business beyond the status you’ve reached thus far
  • Struggling to capitalise on opportunities
  • Struggling to focus on what products/services/ideas to sell
  • Struggling to know if what you have is valuable in the eyes of your customer
  • Struggling with sales in general

If you have any of these challenges then I’d like to make you an offer to help out, and my offer is simple.

I’ll give you a 15 minute free consultation where we discuss the problems you’re facing over a Google Meet Session and find a solution then and there.

Sometimes it takes the help of someone to see the solution you’ve been missing out on.

Now there are two very important things you need to know about this offer:

  1. First, this is not for everyone, I can’t meet everyone’s requirement and so I have to find a way to filter out those people who I can help, so there is an application process and only a few number of business owners will be selected for the free 15 minute consultation.
  2. Although the first session is free, this is a regular service I offer to clients and usually charge N100,000 for two 30 minute sessions in a month, this way we can absolutely keep track of your progress and ensure you’re hitting marketing goals monthly.

Start Application process below: