How to expand your business nationwide using Digital Marketing to gain more revenue

Do You want to expand your business beyond wherever it is you are operating right now, maybe you only deliver within Lagos, and you would like to expand to other states like Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kaduna, the question is how do you do it?


I’m going to showcase how you can achieve this nationwide growth using Digital marketing, without leaving anything out, so it is best you leave everything you are doing and for the next 5 minutes (or bookmark this page for later consumption), I want you to consume this content and really pay attention to the different touch points we would be exploring.

Here are a few requirements for this to work out in your business:

  1. You have the capacity to deliver your product nationwide
  2. You have a marketing budget to spend on advertising
  3. You have a sales team or distribution partnership to fulfill orders.

If you said yes to those three requirements, then this solution would take your business nationwide and even beyond the Nigerian market.

I have implemented this in the IT sector with Spectranet Nigeria Ltd, in the banking sector with AB Microfinance Bank, and even in the plumbing sector with The Choice Sanitary Wares Limited, in all cases, I was able to get amazing results and sometimes even triple-double my marketing spend to generate revenue for these businesses.

The Choice Sanitary yielded six times their marketing spend in revenue within 2 months working with us, implementing this solution, so I know it works even in the strangest of markets.

How did I do it?

There are five major touch points to make your business fly nationwide, and here they are:

  1. Video Production
  2. Video Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. CRM Automation
  5. Email Marketing

Let’s take it one after the other:

  1. Video Production

According to Forbes, 90% of customers today testify that videos help them make better buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.

The future is really video marketing, by 2021 according to CISCO, video will account for around 81% of the world’s mobile data traffic, right not it’s at 78% in 2019.

Facebook reports that users spend more than 3x time watching live videos, versus static content, infact social video generates 12 more shares than text and images.

At Taldn, We understand the video industry better than anyone else and we have created the right system to get you results when you advertise online.

You need to create a live video of your products, with you talking about the benefits of your products, what it can do for the customer, explain your major USP’s and really dive into your Irresistible offers.

Drop a call to action at the end of the video and make it less than a minute in production.

Here’s a sample video we created for The Choice Sanitary Wares Ltd.


2.Video Marketing

After producing your video, now you have to advertise the video on the web platforms where your target market are.

For our sanitary wares client, we first mapped out who their ideal target market was, these were construction workers, real estate developers and property developers that were located in four major states in the country.

When inside the Facebook Ad image objective, select video, instead of image and text, videos have a higher engagement rate and will produce cheaper ad cost for your advertising.

Since the Cambridge analytics Facebook debacle, Facebook has changed its algorithm for ranking adverts not just based on ad budget alone but now mostly on the ad’s engagement.

The more engaging your ads are, the more they show up and the lesser you pay on the cost per click/lead.

That’s why we use strictly videos on our main adverts for Taldn Clients.


3. Lead Generation

When selecting your objective on Facebook ads platform, make sure to select Facebook Lead generation, this is a lead generation strategy that works really well with video campaigns.

The goal is to drive more leads to your CRM using Facebook lead generation.

For our clients, we targeted contractors, Real estate developers and property developers in four major states, once they clicked on the videos, a pop-up form appeared for them to fill out their details, name, phone number, and delivery address.

The goal for our client was to generate as many prospects as possible looking to buy plumbing sanitary wares in these states.

On standard for our client we generated 20 – 50 leads every single day and maintain 1000 leads generated in the space of a 2-month campaign.

4. CRM Automation

Once a prospective buyer sees the video and clicks on the advert, it takes them to a form where they can fill their details such as; their name, phone number and state.

We then automatically synchronize this form with a HubSpot CRM tool where the leads drop immediately someone fills the form online.

You would have to setup an HubSpot CRM and then synchronize the Facebook Lead ads with Hubspot directly.

A beautiful feature of HubSpot is that it allows you to assign sales leads to the sales team every single day.

For example, let’s say you generated 50 leads this morning and you have 3 sales team members; we would assign 20 leads to sales member one, 20 leads to sales member two, and 10 leads to sales member three, depending on their strength in sales calls and conversion.

This works because, the CRM tool actually allows you to track how many of the leads were contacted through a phone call, email and text message.

When we first implemented this for our client, their sales productivity jumped up by 60% and they tripled their sales revenue that month, simply by reporting on each sales members productivity to convert and follow up on leads generated.

5. Email Marketing

One thing we have noticed from advertising in the Building Material industry is that it’s not everyone that makes an inquiry today that would buy today.

Someone can make an inquiry in July and be ready to buy in October. So how do we stay in touch with them, so they don’t forget you?

That’s why you need to send out at least one email every week, to your leads using an email marketing service.

We automate this as well, that as soon as the leads are generated on Facebook to your CRM, they automatically get a welcome email from your company.

Not only that, for our clients, we generate an 8-day automated series, in which your leads get eight emails for the first eight days they sign up as a lead.

Examples of email marketing software you can use are: Aweber, Get-response, MailChimp, etc.

Here’s the funnel we created:

Simple Funnel

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