How we generated 33, 000 website visits & 267 conversions using Google Advertising in 30 days.

If you sell a product or service that people need and are searching for, then Google Advertising is going to be one of the best traffic sources for you to generate leads and clients.

If you are able to close clients well on the phone and you can add SMS + Email marketing to your advertising strategies, you would be able to generate a significant amount of sales in your back end with 3 – 6 months of consistent marketing.

How do we advertise?

We focus on Google Search Ads + Google Discovery Ads + Landing Page Development.

When starting a campaign we kick off with a budget of $2 per day for Google Discovery Adverts and $1 per day for Google Search Ads. 

We usually do this to test the market to see if there is traction, and what audiences are performing best. 

After 5 – 7 days, we then begin to increase the budget as at that time we already have a proper handle of what is working or not.

Here’s a video of me building a Google Discovery Advert:

We focus on Testing first before scaling second

At first we started with a budget of $3 per day, now we are spending approximately $5 per day.

The way to get this done is to consistently be testing new advertising angles, new graphics, images and videos.

We also researched different search traffic and keyword opportunities to leverage on to get better results.

We advertised on YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and Google Feeds all at the same time

Because we ran Google discovery adverts + search adverts for our client, we were able to generate a significant amount of traffic from various Google websites, including YouTube, search, Google Feed and more with a budget of $5 per day.

We Built High converting Landing pages to generate leads 

It’s not enough to buy traffic from Google, we also needed a proper website that was built for lead generation to convert those leads into client sales. 

Here’s an example of the landing page we built.👇

We focused on Closing the client on the phone and WhatsApp

The last thing we did was follow up on every lead that filled the form on the website and making enquiries about the service.

Follow up sequences are done either on the Phone, Email, SMS or WhatsApp.

We consistently followed up with clients twice a week.

We focus on activity over quick sales

We focus on building relationships and ensuring our business always as a lead to follow up on.

This means our phones are always ringing, we are always generating leads, we are always booking inspections, we never let our momentum dry up, and even if we don’t hit a sale in 3months, we keep the momentum going.

There are other amazing tips that we would like to share with you to help you close acquire and close more business.

If you are interested in learning about my process of building a proper Google Advertising advert that cuts across YouTube, Google Feed, Gmail and Google search, then you can go through my beginners guide blueprint that walks you through how to set it up STEP BY STEP.

What makes our digital marketing agency unique is that we not only consult for top brands across the country, we also consult for real estate brands as well, and not just that but we also invest our own marketing budget monthly into real estate promotions as agents, so we have a very extensive knowledge of the industry from various fronts.

This means we are able to guide you on your marketing journey to generating more sales online.

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