How we generated 300 Leads in 30 days with a N95,000 budget to sell real estate.

If you sell real estate properties within the range of N45,000,000 – N85,000,000 you are going to see a huge demand of buyers from Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

If you are able to close clients well on the phone and you can add SMS + Email marketing to your advertising strategies, you would be able to generate a significant amount of sales in your back end with 6 – 12 months of consistent marketing.

How do we advertise?

We focus on Facebook Lead Generation Adverts + CRM over Landing Pages

We don’t use a landing page because, most of real estate buyers are already familiar with the concepts of what a real estate house entails, and all the information they need can be placed on the Facebook Ad, things like Amenities, Neigborhood, House Features etc.

Landing pages were primarily used to prequalify clients and persuade them with more information, especially in moments when the client doesn’t have an idea of what you’re selling, but in real estate, most people have a proper understanding of what you are selling and so we prefer to qualify our clients on the call. (We’ll go deeper into this point)

Also, we prefer CRM over Hubspot because it allows us to send WhatsApp messages directly from the CRM application, which is a time-saving feature that HubSpot doesn’t have.

Example of our Advert Copy 👇

Our Facebook Lead Gen Form 

We keep the process simple and focus squarely on lead generation volume.

We focus on Videos over Pictures

From the advert copy above, you can see we use videos rather than real estate property images, because we aren’t using a landing page, we like to have a very clear video that showcases the basic features of the property, if it’s an off plan we would like to showcase the 3D representation of what the client would get and also we would like to showcase the features of the estate and other things as well.

We try to ensure our videos are between 55 seconds to 59 seconds to capture the viewers attention span.

We focus on Phone Sales Qualification over Marketing Qualification

A lot of other real estate marketing agencies disagree with us on this point, but we have numbers to back up what we believe. 

Rather than build a landing page to prequalify a client, we do all the qualification on the call, and so our marketing strategy focuses on generating a volume of leads consistently into our CRM and then we qualify those leads over the first phone call.

Here are some prequalification questions we ask a client to know if he is capable of working with us or not:

  1. How soon are you looking to purchase a property
  2. What’s your budget range
  3. Which locations are you looking at?
  4. When are you available for an inspection?

We focus on Volume over Quality

Again, here’s an honest truth we’ve seen, that even after we do all we know how to do by targeting the right set of audiences with purchasing power, we still end up with a large amount of unqualified prospects.

Our current ratio is 10: 1

For every 10 unqualified leads we generate from Facebook lead Gen Ads, there’s always 1 person that’s a buyer.

So our process in a nutshell is to simply go through the unqualified prospects as quickly as possible on the phone call until we hit our buyer.

Who is a buyer?

We define a buyer as a lead on our CRM that has the capability to purchase our property, they have purchasing power and they are serious, the only thing left is to do all we can to close them for our unique set of properties.

We focus on activity over quick sales

Real estate is a long term game of building relationships, it’s a very conservative market, and people take time before they make a decision to spend N50,000,000, it’s a very important decision for anybody.

So we focus on building relationships and ensuring our business always as a lead to follow up on.

This means our phones are always ringing, we are always generating leads, we are always booking inspections, we never let our momentum dry up, and even if we don’t hit a sale in 3months, we keep the momentum going.

There are other amazing tips that we would like to share with you to help you close acquire and close more clients.

If you are interested in learning about my process of building a proper Facebook Lead Generation Advert + CRM I created a STEP BY STEP beginners training on how to setup a Facebook Lead Generation advert, how to target the right audiences and how to use this process that I have outlined in this article to generate more leads and close more sales in your real estate business.

What makes our digital marketing agency unique is that we not only consult for top brands across the country, we also consult for real estate brands as well, and not just that but we also invest our own marketing budget monthly into real estate promotions as agents, so we have a very extensive knowledge of the industry from various fronts.

This means we are able to guide you on your marketing journey to generating more leads online.

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