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What is contained in the Mega FB and WhatsApp Combo?

Learn How to set up a proper Lead Generation Campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to be generating over 1,000 leads per month using Facebook and Instagram, this course will show you how to get there quickly at an affordable budget

Learn How to Automatically synchronize your Facebook Leads with your CRM Account

If you want to automatically follow up and track your leads with a CRM account that is better than HubSpot and also free, this course will show you how to get there quickly.

Learn How to Follow up with Clients on WhatsApp with Automation

If you want to follow up with your clients on WhatsApp using automation techniques and templates that make your job easier, faster, and more productionve? This course will show you how to properly follow up with your clients

BONUS – WhatsApp Templates

We usually get clients that we help generate leads asking us “What do we say to these leads, how do we follow up with them?” These templates are a combination of tested whatsapp messages we’ve used for our clients to help follow up successfully on each lead.

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Get better results with your Facebook Lead Ads and WhatsApp Sales Follow up by Registering for the Mega Course Combo.

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