How to get your marketing and sales team to drive more sales

How to get your marketing and sales team to drive more sales

Marketing and sales usually don’t get along together.

This is a reality that’s prevalent not just in the marketing agency world, but in any organization that requires marketing and sales teams to push their best solutions forward.

There’s usually a clash between the world of marketing and the science of sales.

“You are not making enough calls” said the marketing team member.

“Your leads are unqualified and are unable to buy our products” said the sales team member.

These are all too familiar problems for the CEO or manager.

Is there a solution to this problem? Can these two finally come together and work as a team, without blaming the other party?

Let’s find out the answer, as we dissect our solution together in the course of this article.

Marketing + Sales = Growth

Marketing + Sales = Growth

If there’s going to be a solution that brings marketing and sales together, it has to be a full proof solution that runs from acquisition to conversion.

What do I mean?

Right from the moment your prospect saw your Advert online, to filling your  lead form, to the sales call, to the follow up call, to the close, convert and money, to the repeat sales, everything should be traceable and trackable, down to the sales person that called and closed the prospect.

In order to further elucidate our solution, let’s take the scenario of a bank manager named Rosemary

Rosemary runs a division charged with the objective of growing an investment product for retail customers. She has 10 sales team members working with her.

Her previous online marketing partners generated about 5000 leads through online marketing campaigns but only 15 people converted into customers.

The previous marketing agency blamed the sales team for their non nonchalant and poor  efforts towards following up on leads, while the sales team blamed the marketing agency for wrong targeting on the campaign, as most of the phone calls made where unqualified.

Rosemary was at a Dilemna as she had no idea who was right and wrong and she couldn’t trace back to where the fault was.

The solution was quite simple and straight forward.

The solution required a full proof system from acquisition to conversion that was traceable and trackable for all parties involved, especially Rosemary. She didn’t have to wait till the end of the marketing campaign to know what went wrong, but through proper tracking and reporting, she could easily pin point the problem quickly and resolve it before money got wasted.

Acquisition focuses heavily on creating marketing solutions around what people were searching for in relation to investment products. A simple Keyword research on google keyword planner would reveal something like this:

2400+ people every month are interested in mutual funds, so we create an advert to bid on keywords like this, so that when someone searches for mutual funds on google, our adverts pop up first.

The next step is to convert visitors that clicked on our advert into leads, and we do this by creating simple lead capture forms with an irresistible offer to drive conversions.

Our visitors click on the advert which takes them to a landing page,

They click on either button, go ahead to drop their name, email and phone number and they become a lead interested in the mutual funds product.

The next step is for a sales person to call these leads and educate them about the solution and more importantly get them to take the next course of action which is commitment to purchasing the investment product.

Conversion stage focuses heavily on converting the leads into customers. This is where the sales team members come in.

The Marketing team generates the leads and prospects. The Sales team members convert the leads and prospects into customers.

These two go hand in hand.

That’s why to track the process fully, we use technology to track all the marketing and sales activity to see missing gaps quickly; that’s where Hubspot CRM Sales tool comes in.


HubSpot CRM allows us to synchronize our marketing activities with our sales activities, by simply allowing every lead that fills our form on our landing page, to drop into our CRM.

The beautiful thing about HubSpot is that once properly setup, it ensures that every lead from our landing page, gets into our HubSpot CRM.

Rosemary now needs to assign the leads to Her sales team members, and also ensure that they follow up on the leads generated with proper feedback given.

Hubspot has a feature that allows us to assign leads to our sales team members:

Under Contact owner, we can assign the contact to a sales team member that needs to follow up on the lead.

That lead will be their responsibility.

Once a lead is assigned to a sales team member they will get an email notification to that effect and can begin the process of following up on the lead.

No sales team member can give the excuse of not being notified about a lead. This leads are also updated on their individual dashboards on the HubSpot mobile app.

Let’s proceed to The HubSpot mobile App

The HubSpot Mobile App allows us to track the calls, the emails and messages sent through the application.

When a lead drops in, our sales person calls the number through the mobile app, then drops a quick message as to the conclusion of the call. The video below demonstrates it a bit more clearly.

All the activities of the sales people, number of phone calls made, follow ups and tasks are all recorded in the HubSpot app for Rosemary the manager to see.

Rosemary can see which of Her sales team members are logging calls, She can see which of Her sales team members are closing the leads from the marketing campaign, She can see the feedback on the calls, the tasks that are to be worked on and She can notice all of this from Her Dashboard.

With the help of Taldn Digital Consulting, Rosemary has a system to put her sales team on their toes to ensure that leads are followed up on and converted into customers.

And if the leads are not quality, the feedback from the calls will easily show what the marketing agency, Taldn Digital Consulting, need to do to tweak the campaign.

It’s a full-proof system that ensures that Rosemary’s marketing campaign does not go to waste, She can track every aspect of her campaign and She knows she would get results based on all of these.

That’s why this solution is extremely important.

This is bringing our marketing and sales activity all together, to ensure that from acquisition of a visitor, to lead conversion and then to sales, we can track the whole process down to emails sent and follow up calls to ensure that we know how the marketing campaign is running on every end, loose ends can be tied quickly and your marketing budget is optimized effectively.

This is how marketing and sales can come together in Holy Matrimoney.

That's all folks!


We recently ran a video marketing campaign for a plumbing client, The Choice Sanitary Wares Limited, we were generating 100+ leads per day. The sales team initially before this solution, was following up on just about 10 leads every day and they were three people in that sales team.

After introducing this solution, with reporting done through the HubSpot sales dashboard to the CEO on a weekly basis, the sales team sat up, and were following up on 50 leads everyday, it was an unbelievable improvement, the team closed their first 1.9Million client and a lot more clients as well within one month. Their conversion to sales rose by about 300% just because the sales team members knew their activities were been tracked.

Here’s the video ad we ran for The Choice Sanitary Wares Limited

If you are interested in this solution and would like a demo to see how we can build such for your company, you can quickly fill the form below and we would book a date with you for an initial call to learn more about your business.

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